Public Lands

Public Lands

Newtons Lawn And Land Company takes great pride in the upkeep and appearance of our local communities.

We offer several services to

City, State, and Federal Public Lands to ensure the continued beauty of our Hampton Roads Area


The professional team at Newtons will cut, edge and trim grass or other similar

ground covering vegetation maintaining a desired, clean and uniform look

Grounds Maintenance 

Our Grounds Maintenance crew performs raking or blowing of leaves and the

removal of trash and debris of any sort, creating a neat and clean appearance 

Landscape Maintenance 

Newtons Landscape Maintenance Service consists of pruning, clipping, shaping of ornamental shrubs or trees;

the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly weed removal, fertilizing, mulching or other special detailed attention given to annual or perennial flowers, bedding plants, shrubs, trees or other vegetative material. 

Let Newtons

Lawn And Land Company

Keep Hampton Roads Beautiful!

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