Lawn Care


At Newtons we are about more than just cutting grass, we’re about making your lawn look fantastic 

With an exceptional eye for detail, we’ll mow, trim, and maintain your lawn just the way you like it 

We mow at the correct height, with the latest state of the art equipment, to ensure the most reliable lawn mowing service for our customers 

Hedge Trimming

Bushes and Hedges can add the perfect desired effect to your landscape if trimmed properly. With our consistent focus and eye for detail, we will assure that your

shrubbery will stay in great shape throughout the season.

Mulch and Stone Installation

Mulch and Stone retain moisture in the soil, helps regulate soil temperature, and provides a natural barrier to

suppress weed growth. Let us add the appropriate color and texture of mulch or stone to your flowerbeds and landscape to give your property its maximum curb appeal.

Dethatching, Aeration and Overseeing

Not all lawns need dethatching, but when your lawn does need it, Professionals with know how to dethatch your lawn is crucial to its future.

Dethatching helps slice through thatch into soil and remove the barrier of thick, accumulated organic matter. This process helps to restore your lawns health and beauty.  

Lawn Aeration and Dethatching

Lawn aeration and dethatching are two different processes, but work together to help your lawn. 

Aeration removes cores of soil, including their thatch layer, and creates paths for water and nutrient to penetrate thatch and compacted soil. This helps prepare thatch for removal and speeds the breakdown of existing thatch.

With dethatching and aeration done, it’s now an ideal time to overseed your lawn and get it back on track for thick, lush, green beauty.

Allow our team of professionals to transition your lawn from average to one that’s picture perfect!


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