Proper fertilization is essential in prevention of weeds and crabgrass, while maintaining the health and appearance of your lawn 


Let us turn your lawn from average to picture perfect with one of our professional fertilizer services. 

We will create a multi step fertilizer program designed for your lawn and grass types needs.

Importance of Fertilizing

Mulch/Fertilizer/Soil Preparation

You’ve probably heard that it’s important to  fertilize your lawn. But do you know why? There are many benefits to spreading fertilizing seed across your lawn every few months. Using fertilizer with other healthy habits for your lawn will create a lush, green lawn that will have more durability than your average lawn.

Needed Nutrients

For a healthy lawn to flourish, it needs nutrients. High quality soil is made with fertilizer. Over time, soil will naturally lose many nutrients that are needed to grow. When you fertilize your lawn, these nutrients will help it to grow deeper, root itself in a healthy way. It will become greener, thicker, lusher. Fertilizer will not only help your lawn look better, but also last longer. A healthy lawn is more durable and beautiful. Give your lawn the nutrient in needs to grow strong and last long with fertilizer.

Like Sunshine and Water

It’s common knowledge that grass needs sunshine and water to grow. But for it to really thrive, it needs fertilizer too. Your soil will get these key elements: phosphorous, nitrate, and potassium. Without water and sunshine, your grass will likely not live long. While it does survive, it’ll likely be weak, shriveled, and discolored. Yes, water and sunlight are essential for grass growth. But just as important is fertilizer. Give your lawn all of the elements it needs with a combination of water, sunlight, and fertilizer.  

Easy to Use

Fertilizing your lawn is very simple and generally only takes about twenty minutes. The simple steps of watering and spreading seed don’t take too much. Your lawn’s needs will differ based on size, grass type, and geographic location, but other all it’s a very simple process. There are different types of spreads that you can use for even distribute fertilizer around your lawn. Fertilizing is a very simple way to take your lawn to the next level.

You can get liquid or dry fertilizer. Liquid is usually spread with a garden hose, canister, and attachment. Dry fertilizer has a few different options for spreading. No matter your method, it is important that you spread your fertilizer evenly.

Faster Growth

Want your lawn to grow faster? Feed it fertilizer. Soil alone will not ensure quick growth. For the best possible results, fertilize your lawn three to four times a year. You’ll get strong, healthy grass faster with the nutrients from fertilizers. Growing a lawn without fertilizer is very time consuming.

Cost Effective

The cost of using fertilizer is very low. It will also make your lawn healthier, which can save you money in the long run and up your curb appeal. Investing in fertilizer and a spreader is really the only cost. Spend a little on these things and you’ll have a healthier lawn that last longer. Save big on potential repair and landscaping that may need to be done if your lawn needs to be redone. Fertilizing is cost-effective way to keep your lawn around long and looking great.



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